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deQuervain’s Syndrome

What is

deQuervain’s Syndrome?

Patients with deQuervain’s syndrome have painful tendons on the thumb side of the wrist. Tendons are the ropes that the muscle uses to pull the bone. You can see them on the back of your hand when you straighten your fingers.

In deQuervain’s syndrome, the tunnel (the first extensor compartment, as shown in the image on this page) where the tendons run narrows due to the thickening of the soft tissues that make up the tunnel. Hand and thumb motion cause pain, especially with forceful grasping or twisting.

Causes of the


Doctors are not sure what causes deQuervain’s syndrome. Patients often describe a feeling of inflammation, but studies have shown that the process is not inflammatory.

People of all ages get it. When new mothers develop deQuervain’s syndrome, it typically appears 4 to 6 weeks after delivery, most likely due to swelling and changes in hormones.

Surgery &

Other Treatments

There are several types of treatments for deQuervain’s syndrome, also commonly called deQuervain’s disease. They include:

  • the use of medications such as acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen
  • using a splint that stops you from moving your thumb and wrist
  • a cortisone-type of steroid injection into the tendon compartment
  • surgery to open the tunnel and make more room for the tendons

If you are experiencing symptoms of deQuervain’s syndrome, our surgeon can examine your hands to make an accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan with you. Make an appointment to see Dr. Arora in Howell in Livingston County, in West Bloomfield in Oakland County, or in Warren or Macomb Township in Macomb County.

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Dr. Aroras office from my first call to schedule my appointment was friendly. Walking in the first day, I felt like I was in a nice atmosphere. Dr. Arora was EXCELLENT in taking great care of my hand injury. He was gentle and very understanding to the concerns I had about my hand. His expertise was admirable and I would recommend anyone with an injury to their hand to his office to be under his care. Because of him, I have healed faster than expected and will make an 100% recovery! Thank you Dr.

Jackie S.

I first thought I was going to have to have painful injections or surgery, but Dr. Arora suggested physical therapy may do the trick. I was doubtful, but I agreed to do it. Now, my pain is gone, and with the help of an ergonomic keyboard at work to keep my hands in the correct position, I am virtually pain free. The therapy strengthened my wrists and shoulders, and built more flexibility into my wrists.

Jerry T.

My experience with this doctor was positive from the outset. Dr. Arora was kind and spent a great deal of time with me. Staff was friendly. The office was nice and bright.

Ariel G.

Very friendly and helpful Great staff!!! Doctor Arora was very professional and did great work. I was very happy with everything!

L B.