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When the cricks and creaks of your joints go from slightly annoying to tight and painful, it could be a sign of arthritis.

Arthritis is characterized by pain in the joints of the elbows, wrists, or fingers, and symptoms include swelling, pain, stiffness, and decreased range of motion. Symptoms may come and go, and they can range from mild to severe.

Severe arthritis can result in chronic pain and an inability to complete routine daily activities, such as buttoning a shirt or twisting a doorknob.

It is most common among women and occurs more frequently as people get older. Virtually any place on the hand and arm that features connective tissues can suffer from arthritis.



Metacarpophalangeal joint (MCP joint) arthritis is centered on where the finger bones and the hand bones meet. These joints are responsible for the complex movements we make with our fingers, such as pinching and holding objects. When arthritis is located in these joints, they may swell, become hard to move, and will no longer straighten as easily.



Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the most common form of autoimmune arthritis, often manifesting itself in the hand and middle joints of the fingers. It’s also a very common arthritis in women, affecting 1-3% of all women. This is easily one of the most life-changing forms of arthritis to have, but modern medicine is quickly making strides to manage this form of the condition.


This is the most common joint-related condition and occurs when the cartilage between the joints wears down enough for them to rub together, causing pain and stiffness. Most people associate this with an older generation, but this condition can affect people in their late teens and early twenties.

There are no specific causes, but doctors have identified some key factors. Genes play a part, as does overuse. It can be exacerbated by being overweight and having a diet lacking in calcium.

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Several arthritis treatments are available, including the use of anti-inflammatory medications, lifestyle changes, and tools, equipment, and resources that can help those with arthritis complete daily tasks.

In more severe cases, joint replacement surgery can help improve an individual’s quality of life. Dr. Arora will remove an arthritic joint and replace it with a new one. Replacing the entire joint is common, but it’s possible to remove only part of the original joint and replace only the damaged areas.

The replacement joint with a synthetic prosthesis may be cemented into place. As your body heals, new bone will grow around the replacement, and a new joint is formed.

If arthritis runs in your family or if your joints aren’t responding like they used to, call our hand surgery office in Howell, West Bloomfield, Warren, or Macomb Township to set up a consultation with Dr. Arora.

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Dr. Aroras office from my first call to schedule my appointment was friendly. Walking in the first day, I felt like I was in a nice atmosphere. Dr. Arora was EXCELLENT in taking great care of my hand injury. He was gentle and very understanding to the concerns I had about my hand. His expertise was admirable and I would recommend anyone with an injury to their hand to his office to be under his care. Because of him, I have healed faster than expected and will make an 100% recovery! Thank you Dr.

Jackie S.

I first thought I was going to have to have painful injections or surgery, but Dr. Arora suggested physical therapy may do the trick. I was doubtful, but I agreed to do it. Now, my pain is gone, and with the help of an ergonomic keyboard at work to keep my hands in the correct position, I am virtually pain free. The therapy strengthened my wrists and shoulders, and built more flexibility into my wrists.

Jerry T.

My experience with this doctor was positive from the outset. Dr. Arora was kind and spent a great deal of time with me. Staff was friendly. The office was nice and bright.

Ariel G.

Very friendly and helpful Great staff!!! Doctor Arora was very professional and did great work. I was very happy with everything!

L B.