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Treating Fractures in the Wrist

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The way fractures in the wrist are treated is going to vary a lot depending on where the fracture is and what fracture you have sustained. Many people think that treating a fractured wrist is simple, but it’s not. Fractured wrists can be divided into two categories. They can be displaced, or they can be categorized as non-displaced.

When you fracture your wrist, the pain is intense. The pain is usually felt immediately. There are usually some physical and visual symptoms that show. Many complain of having numbness in their hands, or they may notice that their hands and fingers change color. Your wrist bone might even stick out of your skin.

Understanding how to treat a fractured wrist is important because fractured wrists happen very frequently. It’s estimated that approximately 250,000 people fracture their wrist in the United States on an annual basis. The reason why a wrist fracture happens so frequently is because of the number of ways that we as humans fall. When you fall, be it forward or backward, the first thing you do is put out your hands in order to stabilize yourself. This can lead to injury.

The treatment that you will receive for your fractured wrist is going to vary depending on how severe it is. If it’s just a simple fracture, our doctor may set your wrist and then put a cast on it. He is going to monitor your wrist to make sure that the bone heals properly. A more severe fracture may require a surgical procedure. It’s going to change with each situation.

In the vast majority of circumstances, surgery is not necessary when treating fractures in the wrist. The cast is enough to keep the wrist in place while it heals. You may need to have some form of physical therapy to help you regain your flexibility and your strength in your wrist. It is essential that you follow the instructions provided by our doctor and your physical therapist for optimal results.

As you can see, there is no one-size-fits-all fix when it comes to treating fractures in the wrist. However, with therapy, immobilization and in some cases surgery, a fractured wrist can be treated. When your wrist has completely recovered, you should be able to return to your normal activities.

If you have sustained a wrist fracture, make an appointment at Arora Hand Surgery sooner rather than later. You can consult with our expert at our office in West Bloomfield, Howell, Warren, or Macomb to see which treatment is best in your case. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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Dr. Aroras office from my first call to schedule my appointment was friendly. Walking in the first day, I felt like I was in a nice atmosphere. Dr. Arora was EXCELLENT in taking great care of my hand injury. He was gentle and very understanding to the concerns I had about my hand. His expertise was admirable and I would recommend anyone with an injury to their hand to his office to be under his care. Because of him, I have healed faster than expected and will make an 100% recovery! Thank you Dr.

Jackie S.

I first thought I was going to have to have painful injections or surgery, but Dr. Arora suggested physical therapy may do the trick. I was doubtful, but I agreed to do it. Now, my pain is gone, and with the help of an ergonomic keyboard at work to keep my hands in the correct position, I am virtually pain free. The therapy strengthened my wrists and shoulders, and built more flexibility into my wrists.

Jerry T.

My experience with this doctor was positive from the outset. Dr. Arora was kind and spent a great deal of time with me. Staff was friendly. The office was nice and bright.

Ariel G.

Very friendly and helpful Great staff!!! Doctor Arora was very professional and did great work. I was very happy with everything!

L B.