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Broken Hand Symptoms

There are 27 small bones in the hand. If there is a small break or fracture in one of these bones, then it can be extremely difficult and painful to use your hand. Since we rely on our hands to perform almost every task, you do not want to lose the use of a hand for too long because of a broken bone. The best way to ensure that you can quickly restore functionality to your hand is by seeking immediate treatment any time you believe that you may have a broken hand. There are some key broken hand symptoms that can indicate that you should visit our specialist as soon as possible.

There is absolutely no reason to avoid proper treatment for a broken hand because it should be very easy to notice that there is something seriously wrong with it. It usually takes an acute injury to break a bone in your hand. Some of the most common causes of broken hands are falls, sports injuries and accidentally crushing your hand. All these injuries will instantly cause pain, so they should be impossible to ignore.

In addition to the injury itself, the distinct broken hand symptoms also make it extremely easy to diagnose. A broken hand will cause you to experience swelling, bruising and intense pain. These symptoms will make it extremely difficult to move your fingers or grasp an object. In addition, the overall weakness in your broken hand will greatly limit your ability to perform normal tasks.

If you are struggling to use your hand after an accident or injury, then you need to get the hand checked out by our specialist as soon as possible. Permanent damage to your hand is the last thing you want to happen because you did not seek medical treatment. Once you arrive for your appointment, you will get an X-ray of your hand. This will allow our doctor to diagnose the problem and figure out the best treatment. Our specialist may also ask questions about the injury and feel your hand for a more accurate diagnosis.

Most broken hands will be treated with a splint to stabilize and immobilize the hand. The splint will remain on your hand until the broken bones are able to fully heal. Broken hands are known to throb at night, so you will be given pain medication to make it easier to sleep. You will also want to keep the broken hand elevated as much as possible while recovering. This will help reduce your pain and swelling.

Since every injury is different, it is hard to know exactly how long it will take to recover from your broken hand. If you follow all of our doctor’s instructions, then you should have a smooth recovery. Once the broken bones have fully healed, you will regain most, if not all, of the functionality in your hand.

If you are experiencing some of the more characteristic broken hand symptoms, you should seek medical care as soon as possible from our trusted specialist at Arora Hand Surgery in Warren, Howell, West Bloomfield, and Macomb. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment and discuss your broken hand symptoms with Dr. Arora.