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There are so many conditions that develop in the hand, wrist, arm, and elbow that it would be almost impossible to list them in one place. From issues with circulation and the conditions of the skin to fractures and disorders, people of any age may require the skillful care of hand surgeons, doctors, and therapists.

As is the case with almost any sort of service or care providers, not all are alike. It is not difficult to find medical experts familiar with hand care, but once you realize the complexity of the upper extremities, you realize that you should turn to only the most qualified providers. After all, your hands are two of your most important limbs, and they provide you with your ability to work, to enjoy life, to create, and even to communicate.

The Range of Treatment

This is why you should put your hands in the hands of experts. When choosing a hand surgeon, be sure they are focused strictly on the upper extremities and offer help with:

  • Acquired disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Cast care
  • Hand therapy
  • Nerve disorders
  • Tendon disorders
  • Trauma injury
  • Wrist disorders

The best hand surgeons will be able to treat people of all ages, and will provide both in-office (outpatient) and full-blown surgical remedies for all types of hand or upper extremity related conditions.

Dont Overlook Diagnostics

Remember too that, although all physicians are required to remain current in their field, not all physicians get the kind of skills and qualifications that make them the best at diagnosing patients in addition to treating them. For example, arthroscopy is a major diagnostic and treatment tool in the world of hand, arm, elbow, and wrist surgery and care. Be sure you are working with a team that provides only the most modern and up to date options as this guarantees that the latest research and advances are being used to treat your condition or injury.

Therapy is a Part of Recovery

We did mention therapy in the list above, but this too cannot be overlooked. From physical therapists to occupational therapists, the ability to have your hand or upper extremity condition remedied through the most effective therapies and modalities is of major significance. In fact, few surgical treatments and almost as many non-surgical treatments for the hand must include at least a small amount of therapy to ensue the best results.

This means you want a hand surgeon who can also provide you with a team of experts and professional care that delivers only the most beneficial outcomes. This is what you will get when you turn to Dr. Avery Arora.MD and Arora Hand Surgery. As an experienced and deeply committed Board Certified hand surgeon, Dr. Arora is a hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow specialist, with a practice offering the best diagnostic services, surgical treatments, rehabilitative options (including therapy) and post-treatment maintenance and care.

Patient centered care is the best choice when dealing with something as significant as your hands and upper extremities, and Dr. Arora is known for ensuring his patients are fully informed, well educated about their condition and treatment options, and play a part in their own treatment plan.

Contact his friendly and knowledgeable staff today at 248-485-8300 OR 734-943-3838 to make an appointment.


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