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5 Signs You Should Seek Broken Knuckle Treatment

Most people depend on healthy hands to complete tasks in everyday life. When knuckles break, the ability to perform these tasks becomes almost impossible. At times, knuckle injuries can be treated at home. However, we can explain when it is critical that you seek broken knuckle treatment services, such as those provided by Arora Hand Surgery.

Symptoms of a Broken Knuckle

Have you ever engaged in a rigorous physical activity and left wondering if you have injured yourself? Many of us avoid going to the doctor until we know an injury needs professional attention. Below you will learn the symptoms of broken knuckles. If you find yourself with a knuckle injury now or in the future, you will be equipped with information on what to do about it.

Popping Sensation

If you hear a popping sound or feel a popping sensation when your knuckles make contact with a hard object, then chances are that your knuckles are broken. Needless to say, call our broken knuckle treatment provider as soon as possible.


Whether you hear a popping sound or not, intense pain always occurs in the event of broken knuckles. The level of the pain is determined by the degree of the injury that has occurred in the knuckles. If you experience pain after your knuckles come in blunt contact with an object, it is appropriate to seek professional knuckle treatment services.


As you begin to experience pain in your hand after the impact, you may also notice swelling. The area around the injury will swell as well and become stiff and hard to move.


When the swelling occurs, you may also experience tingling and numbness that may spread throughout the entire arm. Numbness is a critical signal that you should seek broken knuckle treatment immediately.


Depending on the degree of the impact, you will notice a bruised knuckle quite rapidly. This is yet another sign that you require broken knuckle treatment.

Getting Broken Knuckle Treatment

For expert broken knuckle treatment services, get in touch with our staff at Arora Hand Surgery, with offices in Howell, West Bloomfield, Macomb Township, and Warren. Contact us today and book your appointment!