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Avoiding Lawnmower Hand Injuries

Knowledge most certainly is power when it comes to using a lawnmower safely. So, you need to know the common ways these injuries occur and to whom so that they can be avoided.

Who Gets Hurt and How

There are two groups of people who are most likely going to be at risk for a hand injury. These two groups include:

  • Adults of both genders between the ages of 25 and 64 years of age
  • Children who are under the age of five

Lawnmower hand injuries are common, accounting for about 22% of emergency room cases. However, other injuries common to these accidents include foot, ankle, and toes. Of all the injuries that occur, about a quarter of them lead to a need for amputation of the foot or hand. Children who are under the age of six are at risk of death.

The majority of lawnmower injuries occur when the grass is wet. Thats because it can clog the blades and lead to an operator of the machine attempting to unclog by hand.

Other Types of Common Lawnmower Injuries

While hands getting injured when an operator tries to clear the lawnmower blades may be the most common accident, it is not the only one. Others include:

  • People allowing other adults or children to ride on the back of the mower or in a cart that is being pulled by the lawnmower. The person could fall off and be injured by the moving machine.
  • The mower being pulled back toward the operator and possibly running over the foot.
  • Trying to use a riding mower across a slope, resulting in a tilted machine that rolls over on the operator.
  • Trying to use a push mower up and down a slope, resulting in the mower rolling back on the operator.

All of these accidents can be avoided if you operate the lawnmower safely and correctly.

How to Avoid Injury

To avoid injuring your hand or foot and dealing with potentially permanent damage, there are certain safety steps you can take. They include:

  • Only mowing the lawn when the grass is dry
  • Wearing proper footwear during mowing (sandals or flip flops are never safe)
  • Cutting up and down the slope when using the riding mower
  • Cutting across the slope when using a push mower
  • Making sure the mower is completely turned off and the blades have stopped moving before unclogging grass from the blades
  • Using a stick or broomstick to unclog the blades when they have grass in them
  • Never drinking while cutting grass and operating the lawnmower
  • Never allowing passengers to ride on the back of the mower
  • Ensuring the mower has sharp blades at all times
  • Always wearing the proper clothing and safety gear
  • Never ever using the lawnmower when you are barefoot

The common injuries that occur to the hand or foot when operating a lawnmower require more than one surgery to completely rectify the injury. At times, the damage can be permanent. Thats because these injuries often result in skin, tissue, and bones being completely ripped and soil or grass coming in contact with the wounds. It creates a recipe for infection and serious injury.

If you or anyone is injured by a lawnmower, call 911 immediately. This is not the type of injury that can be treated at home. It will need immediate attention at a hospital and you do not even need to touch or try to clean the wound. You could do more damage this way. Whatever you do, never use your hands or feet to remove grass from the lawnmower blades and never allow children around an operating machine. This is the best way you can avoid serious injuries to you or someone else.

Avoiding Lawnmower Hand Injuries

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