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Greg Norman hand injury highlights dangers of power tools. Another high profile individual is injured, this time using a chainsaw. This underscores the importance of safety while using powered tools, no matter what type or size. Greg incurred his injury at home while utilizing a chainsaw to cut down a tree. In a Tweet he stated “…he was a lucky man”, and “…when using a chainsaw ALWAYS be respectful of the unexpected.”

These injuries are commonly seen by Hand Surgeons. Dr. Arora has personally treated many patients who have suffered from injuries related to home use of power tools, including chainsaws, hedge clippers, and lawnmowers.

Such injuries can range from simple treatment involving repair of the skin only, to much more severe, involving repair of tendons, nerves, and blood vessels; occasionally skin or tissue grafting may be required. Recovery is dependent on the extent of the initial injury, but it is common for patients to require several weeks of occupational therapy after a severe injury. Unfortunately, severe injuries can lead to permanent impairment or loss of a digit or limb.

Dr. Aroras recommendation to all patients is that regardless of how minor you may think your injury is, or are told your injury is by a non-specialist, ALWAYS seek an EXPERT OPINION: what may seem innocuous at first-glance, can sometimes hide an underlying tendon injury that may become worse with time!

Greg Norman Hand Injury

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