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Common Broken Hand Symptoms

Injuries to our hands happen, and sometimes they are more severe than others. While most minor hand injuries, such as bruises or sprains, can heal on their own with time, significant injuries such as broken bones require care from a doctor or specialist to heal correctly and not leave any long-lasting and unwanted effects. If you’ve recently injured your hand in a sporting event or other type of incident, here are some broken hand symptoms which you can run through to help determine whether you should seek professional treatment. More often than not, you should.

A Closer Look at Broken Hand Symptoms

When most people injure their hands, the severity of the injury can seem fairly obvious. However, no two injuries are ever the same. If you feel any of the following symptoms, especially after an accident, it is advised that you seek medical care as soon as possible.

The most common broken hand symptoms are:

  • Swelling, bruising, or pain
  • Misalignment of the fingers
  • Weakness of the hand
  • Inability to grasp objects
  • Reduced range of motion of the fingers

At-Home Remedies

While at-home remedies may be sufficient for a day or two after a hand injury, if pain or swelling still exists and has shown no signs of subsiding, you may be experiencing broken hand symptoms, and it is recommended that you visit a doctor or specialist as soon as possible to prevent long-term damage.

Medical Treatment

Hands are intricate parts of the body. The hand is composed of 27 bones, including those in the wrist. Because of this, medical procedures to examine a broken hand can be fairly complex and time-consuming. A medical procedure follows a relatively standard format. Once the issue has been identified, we can plan a customized treatment for you.

If you’ve recently injured your hand, or if you are feeling any of the broken hand symptoms listed above, contact our doctor immediately. Arora Hand Surgery has offices located in Howell, West Bloomfield, Warren, and Macomb Township.  Contact us today to book an appointment for professional treatment.