When to Consult a Hand Surgeon

Your hand is such a delicate yet intricate marvel of design. That is why the surgeons who operate on your hand need to be highly skilled. Our experienced hand surgeon can help you if you’re dealing with pain as a result of an injury, a congenital defect, or overuse of your hand.

The primary reason why people consult our hand surgeon is because they’ve injured their hand. Hand injuries are exceptionally common simply because we use our hands for everything. It is not rare for a person to hurt their hand with a power tool, break a finger, develop carpal tunnel syndrome, or develop other syndromes that are associated with overuse. Left on their own, injuries to the hand do not get better. This is because regardless of if your hand is injured or not, you are going to keep using it. You’ll keep using your hand until the injury has gotten so bad that you cannot use your hand anymore. You may try at-home treatments, but you are going to reach a point where all of these things fail. When that happens, you should get in touch with our hand surgeon.

There are some degenerative disorders that can affect your hand. One of the more common degenerative disorders that affects people today is rheumatoid arthritis. This condition is disabling. It leaves your hand deformed and makes it difficult for you to straighten your hand out or use your hand normally in everyday actions. Rheumatoid arthritis not only limits the quality of your life, but it also minimizes just how independent you can be. There are different steps that our hand surgeon can take to help individuals dealing with rheumatoid arthritis.

Congenital defects of the hand are also very common. This is because your hands are some of the last things to fully develop in the womb. Hand defects not only limit what a person can do physically, but they can also lead to emotional pain.

The hands and the wrists are unbelievably complex. Before any type of procedure is formed on them, you should have an in-person conversation with our skilled hand surgeon at Arora Hand Surgery. Dr. Arora’s goals are to help improve functionality, help improve aesthetics, and help improve the overall workings of your hand. All of this should lead to a better quality of life overall.

Arora Hand Surgery has offices in Warren, Macomb Township, West Bloomfield, and Howell. Contact us today to schedule a time to consult our hand surgeon!