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12 Fun Facts About Fingers

Usually we try to be serious here. But once in a while we like to step outside the box, and just have some fun. So, how about some fun facts about fingers?

1. Big Hand Man

The man who has the largest hand in the entire world is Lui Hua, of China. His index finger is nearly a foot long, and his left thumb is more than ten inches. He has a condition known as “macrodactyly” – in other words, big fingers.

2. Only One Muscle

When you think about the movements that your fingers are capable of, it might be hard to believe that each finger has only one muscle, but its true. It’s called the arrector pili muscle, and it moves all of your finger joints.

3. Manly Man

Did you know that the more testosterone you have, the longer your ring finger will be? You didn’t? Well, now you do.

4. The Ring

If you have ever wondered why you wear your wedding ring on your left finger, wonder no more. It’s because there is a vein in that finger, the vena amoris (vein of love) that was once believed to be connected directly to your heart.

5. Longer is Better

Experts have actually conducted research that seems to indicate that the most successful men have ring fingers that are longer than their less successful counterparts.

6. Math Experts

Studies show that children who have long fingers are better at math.

7. Just Try It

Curl your middle finger inward and lay your hand flat on a table. Then lift your thumb, index finger, and pinkie. No problem, right? Now try the ring finger. You can’t lift up it up, right? That’s because it shares a muscle with your pinky and middle fingers, and it can’t work independently.

8. Dem Bones

Each hand has 29 major and minor bones, as well as 123 ligaments holding the whole structure together.

9. Watch It Grow!

Your fingernails grow about four times as fast as your toenails. Your slowest-growing nails are the ones that are on the shortest fingers. The nail on your middle finger grows fastest.

10. Hand to Mouth

You know that your fingerprints are unique, but did you know that the odds of one human being having the same tongue print as another are about one in a million? Interestingly, there are also a handful of people worldwide who have no fingerprints at all. No one knows why this happens.

11. Eww…

Fingernails are actually modified hairs, structurally speaking. They are made of the same material.

12. Urban Legend

You know how people say that your fingernails will continue to grow after you die? They don’t. Nothing grows after you’re dead. This myth comes from the fact that dead bodies shrink, and the skin pulls back, giving the appearance of fingernails continuing to grow.

We hope you enjoyed reading these fun facts about fingers as much as we did putting them together!