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With so many people afflicted with arthritis, the need for this condition to become better understood has been a goal of many doctors. With the wearing away of cartilage and bone and heavy amounts of inflammation setting in, arthritis becomes a serious problem that causes real pain. Sometimes surgery is the best option for relieving the pain. Other options do exist depending on your individual case.

The Non-surgical Route

Through the use of splints, heat or cooling treatments and rest, you may be able to reduce the bulk of your symptoms with arthritis. Special medication may also be of benefit. With special exercises prescribed by an occupational therapist, you can relieve many arthritis symptoms without going through surgery. Different patients have different needs and levels of activity. A doctor can develop a plan of treatment tailored to your specific needs. When you are working with Dr. Arora, rest assured that ALL options will be tried before surgery becomes a consideration.

Potential Benefits of Surgery

Surgery does help in many cases. Any arthritis that impacts your hand or even any part of your arm can have an impact on your overall quality of life. Pain on a regular basis indicates inflammation. Inflammation causes the in immune system to remain on full alert. The relief of pain means an improved quality life and better overall health since constant pain has adverse effects on mental and emotional well-being. Reducing pain itself may clear up many issues your body experiences in compensating for the arthritis inflammation.

Another benefit you may derive from surgery comes as more aesthetically pleasing joints. If your joints have suffered from arthritis for a time, they may become deformed. Restoring the joints to full functionality may also offer healthier normal looking joints, which many people consider a boost to their self-esteem.

Making the Choice

Speak to your Hand surgeon about the potential of surgery. A recovery process may temporarily hinder your ability to work and do many of your regular daily functions. Realize this when you make the decision for surgery and plan for your healing time. Take the necessary time to understand precisely what your surgery will entail before you make a call.

Stop by Dr. Avery Aroras office and visit with the staff. They can direct you to their many patient resources and answer any questions you have.

Getting Surgery For Arthritis

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