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Surgical Reconstruction For A Nail Bed Injury

Nail bed injuries are caused when the nail bed is pinched or crushed. This painful injury is commonly caused by the fingertips being shut in a door or struck with a hard object moving at a high rate of speed. It may feel like you are left to deal with the repercussions of your nail bed injury forever, but an option is surgical reconstruction.

A nail bed injury can include damage to the tissue, tendons, nerve ending, bone, skin, pulp and other structures that are around the nail bed. Common signs of a nail bed injury include a painful collection of blood under the fingernail, a cracked fingernail, or a fingernail that falls off. Once a nail bed injury is diagnosed, surgical reconstruction is one of the most effective ways to treat it.

Should the nail bed be destroyed or lost due to injury, a surgeon can reconstruct part of it or the entire thing by surgically grafting parts taken from the other fingers or toes. This can prevent future problems or deformities as the nail bed heals. A split-thickness graft is the type of graft most commonly used to repair a damaged nail bed through surgical reconstruction. This procedure is often used by surgeons when repairing a nail bed that is missing. This process can help to restore the use of a finger that is badly damaged.

Prior to the nail bed reconstruction surgical procedure being performed, it’s important to have a consultation with a member of our staff. An x-ray will likely be taken to determine how much damage has been done to the nail bed. This will help determine what the best next step for you is.

In most cases, all minor injuries are fully repaired, leaving the finger looking and functioning normally. Our team will help you understand what you should be able to expect from your surgical reconstruction for a nail bed injury.

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