What Does a Hand Surgeon Do? – Arora Hand Surgery

People often take their hands for granted, even though they use them throughout most of each day. They allow you to tie your shoes, button your shirt, use your smartphone, drive, type, eat, and do a near infinite number of other activities. When there is an issue with your hand, you need to have someone who truly understands these remarkable parts of the human body to help you. That is where hand surgeons and hand specialists come into play.

Whats Their Specialty?

Hand surgeons are specialists who work with the hand, the wrist, elbow, and the forearm. Even though they may be surgeons, they also provide treatment and care for patients with nonsurgical methods. They always evaluate each patients condition and needs, and provide the treatment that is most appropriate.

They could be a general surgeon, a plastic surgeon, or an orthopedic surgeon who has decided to go on and receive added training and education for hand surgery. Some surgeons will treat only adults, or only children, but many can help both.

Some of the common types of injuries treated by hand surgeons include arthritis, fractures of the hand, wrist, and forearm, carpal tunnel syndrome, infections of the hand, sports injuries, and much more. If it has anything to do with these areas of the body, chances are good that the hand surgeons will be able to provide help.

Often, other doctors will refer people who have injuries of these sorts to hand surgeons. The surgeons, who spend most of their career working on these parts of the body, can often provide diagnoses faster and more accurately simply because they have so much more experience with them.

Do You Need a Hand Surgeon?

Those who have pain, stiffness, or injuries to their arm, elbow, wrist, or hand may want to speak with a hand surgeon. Though a general practitioner can provide some assistance, working with someone who specializes in this field can make finding the right treatments faster and easier.

Keep in mind that even though they are expert surgeons, just because you are referred to hand surgeon does not mean you will necessarily need to have surgery. They will help you find nonsurgical treatments first, including therapy for the hand. The surgeons want to find the best solutions for their patients. Sometimes that means surgery; sometimes it doesnt.

If you are looking for a hand surgeon, you need to make sure you choose someone who has the experience and the credentials necessary. You can set up a consultation with the doctor and get to know them better, and ask questions about your condition, as well as the doctors approach to treatment. The way you are treated during the consultation can give you a good idea of how the surgeon will treat you when you are a patient.

Never neglect an injury to your hand, elbow, or wrist. They can be very serious, and they will often just get worse over time. Get a referral from your doctor, or consider looking for a hand surgeon on your own.