When Should You Talk With a Hand Specialist?

Your hands are vital to all of the things that you do in your daily life. You use them to type, to use your phone, to get dressed, drive, eat, and so much more. Most people tend to take their hands and their wrists for granted. Take a moment to think about all of the normal things that you do each day. Now, try to imagine doing those things without the use of your hands. You will find that most of the things that you do would no longer be possible, at least they would not be as easy to do as they are now. You need to take good care of your hands, and that means you need to know when to talk with a hand specialist about issues you might be having.

Uncontrollable Swelling

Having swollen hands and wrists happens occasionally, and most of the time it goes away quickly and doesnt return. Other times, the swelling is persistent, and this could be a sign of trouble to come. In some cases, the swelling could be the result of arthritis. Other times, it might be due to an injury caused by repetitive motion. This could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome if it hasnt already – we will touch more on this later in the article. In some cases the swelling will affect not only the hands and wrist, but also the elbow. It is a smart idea to contact a hand specialist sooner rather than later so the problem does not get worse.

Trouble Moving the Hand

If you have issues moving your hand or your wrist, it could be a sign of a number of different problems. You may have arthritis, or you could even be suffering from a hairline fracture. Regardless of the cause, this type of pain in the joints means that you need to get in touch with a specialist to help determine the issue. When you are able to catch these types of problems early, it can help to make recovery much easier. In some cases, you may be able to make some changes that will help you avoid surgery. Other times, surgery might be the best option for you. A specialist will let you know what you should be doing to heal properly.


If you experience a tingling sensation or numbness in your wrist and fingers, it could also be a sign that you are suffering from a hand injury that will only worsen over time. This could be one of the early signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, and catching it early can help you to eliminate the need for surgery later.

Whenever There Is a Concern

Ultimately, you will want to speak with a hand specialist whenever you feel any concern over the function, health, and safety of your hands, wrists, and elbows. Its always best to be cautious and to try to catch any potential problems early. Of course, if you suffer from a serious injury, such as a fracture, a serious burn, or a crushing injury, your first stop should be the emergency room. Then, you can get in touch with a hand specialist to determine how to proceed and get the right treatment.