General Hands

Most Common Ways to Injure the Hand

The hand is one of the most impressive parts of the human body. Its a complex piece of biological machinery that lets people hold and manipulate items in ways that other creatures cant. If not for our hands, despite the power of the human brain, we may not have evolved to become the most dominant species on the planet. As important as our hands might be, they are also prone to injury. If you injure your hand, you will find that you cant do many of the things that you take for granted right now. For example, you would not be able to use your phone or tablet. Typing would be difficult, even driving and opening doors would be difficult if you do not have full use of your hands!

What Types of Injuries Affect the Hand?

The hand is exposed to many different types of injuries. Lacerations are quite common. Cutting your hand with a knife in the kitchen, for example, has happened to nearly everyone. Most of the time, cleanup and a bandage are all that you need. In severe cases though, there could be a deep cut that includes nerve damage. In those instances surgery would likely be necessary to restore full function of the hand.

Fractures and dislocations are common as well. These types of injuries could require the doctor to set the bone, and then splint or cast it so it can heal properly. In the event that the bones are not setting properly, it could require hand surgery. Other potential injuries from the hands come from burns, infections, crushing, soft tissue injuries, and amputations. Naturally, the symptoms for these different types of injuries vary.

Anyone who has a hand injury thats more than just a small cut or bruise may want to seek out a medical professional. Even with the small cuts, you will need to be careful to ensure that infection does not set in and cause more issues to the hand.

If there are any deep wounds, fractures, dislocations, bites, or burns (other than minor burns), contact a physician to get the proper care. Whenever there is any doubt as to whether it is a minor injury that can heal on its own or a more substantial injury, you should err on the side of caution and speak with a doctor.

Treating the Injuries

Because there are so many different types of hand injuries, the types of treatments necessary to repair the problem vary quite a bit. In some cases, simply resting the hand may be all that you need. For those who have a fracture, they will need to have the hand doctor set the bone and make sure it heals properly, as mentioned. Those who have burns will need a different course of treatment, and those who have amputated fingers will need a variety of treatments. In some instances, reattachment of a lost finger may be possible. However, regaining full function of the finger is not a guarantee.

Talk with your doctor about your injuries to determine the proper course of treatment, and with a hand surgeon for those issues that require surgery to correct properly. Its the best way to minimize your risks.