How Can a Hand Specialist Help Me?

If you are having problems with your hands, a hand specialist is your best bet to find relief from the pain and restore the use of the hands. The anatomy of the hands is very complicated. It takes a lot of coordination to get the finger bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments to work together in ways that make things like gripping or writing possible. The hands require a certain amount of strength to grip, lift and carry items. Fine motor skills are also critical for the hands to carry out activities that require precision. It is obvious that when the hands are not working right, a person’s lifestyle is negatively impacted in a major way.

A hand injury that seems like no big deal at the time of occurrence can actually turn out to be quite serious as far as the use of the hand is concerned. Our hand specialist will be able to diagnose this problem quicker and more accurately. He will also make sure the procedure or treatment is done promptly and correctly. Even if the injury or condition is not severe enough to require surgery, our hand specialist will know which treatments are best for the situation.

Our hand specialist can help with cumulative trauma disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome also. This condition develops when the nerves that travel through the tunnel in the wrist become irritated because the tunnel through which the nerve passes begins to close off. This puts pressure on the nerve and can cause tingling, numbness or pain. It can also reach the point where it interferes with the use of the hand and fingers. Our doctor can develop a treatment plan that can help to alleviate these symptoms through a combination of medications, exercises and therapy. If these things do not bring relief, surgery may become necessary. Our hand specialist will understand when a case reaches that point so surgery is not scheduled unnecessarily.

You might also want to see our hand specialist if you are suffering from arthritis in the hands and fingers. Trigger finger is another condition that can be better handled with the help of a specialist. If you are having trouble using your hands or are suffering from discomfort, you should make an appointment at Arora Hand Surgery. It is important to note that the hands are the most valuable tools we will ever have. It is, therefore, crucial to take care of them. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in West Bloomfield, Howell, Warren, or Macomb.