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What are My Options for Broken Knuckles?

While the knuckles contain some of the strongest bones in the body, it is still possible to break them. A broken knuckle will likely cause a lot of discomfort, which will keep you from performing any normal activities with your hand. This is not only probably a massive inconvenience, but it is also very frustrating when you just want to continue living your daily life as normal. Seeking proper treatment is the only way to regain the use of your hand after suffering broken knuckles.

You will likely instantly start seeing symptoms after your knuckles are broken. Common side effects from broken knuckles include pain, stiffness, and loss of flexibility, particularly with the fingers. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms shortly after a hand injury, it is critical for you to see a doctor as soon as possible.

A member of our team of experts will help determine what is the problem with your hand or knuckles, and they will help you decide what the next step is for you. There are a few surgical and non-surgical options for treating broken knuckles.

Just like you rely on your friends in times of need, you knuckles can do a similar thing. A common way to treat broken knuckles is by attaching the finger of the broken knuckle to one of the fingers by it by strapping or taping them together. In some cases, a splint or traditional plaster cast will be also used. This is referred to as “neighbor strapping,” and the fingers are usually left like this for a few weeks. It is important to our specialists that you heal, but your comfort is also a high priority. Make sure to communicate your concerns during your consultation.

For more intense breaks, your hand may require surgery, and the severity of the break will affect the approach and hardware. Common hardware used for treatment are Kirschner wires, also known as K-wires, metal plates, or pins. Hardware is typically used internally, but the most extreme breaks may require external hardware treatment. Our expert team can help determine what is the best procedure for you and your break.

If you’re concerned about broken knuckles and want to take the next step to repair them, contact us at Arora Hand Surgery today to schedule a consultation at one of our Michigan offices. We proudly serve you from West Bloomfield, Warren, Howell, and Macomb. Let us help you today!